Graffiti, one of the most visible forms of crime and disorder in a community, is usually seen as an eyesore and its presence often raises fears that the area has a problem with crime.

While many graffiti vandals are driven to perform the act as a means of protesting against governments, authorities and global events, it would seem that they don’t stop to consider the impact that their graffiti is having in the environment.

It is common knowledge that Ozone levels are raised by aerosol spray propellants and the spray paint cans that vandals use for graffiti, emits volatile organic compounds or VOC’s into the atmosphere via this propellant.

Despite some graffiti vandals having good intentions with the messages they are displaying in the form of their graffiti, when the graffiti is sprayed with aerosol sprays, VOC’s are emitted into the atmosphere.

Additionally, some of the graffiti removal treatments or painting of affected areas, can also contribute to environmental impacts. It is not uncommon for cleaning agents used in graffiti removal to contain similar toxic chemicals as the graffiti substance itself.

So, for the sake of the environment, it would be better if graffiti vandals stopped to think about the greater impact of their actions.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we understand that our environment is delicate and needs to be cared for, and our team is just as concerned about preserving it as anyone.

We are very conscious of the footprint that can be created in the graffiti removal process, so all our cleaning solutions and coatings are managed in accordance with the International Environmental Standard ISO 14001.

Waste products that are produce in the course of our work are all analysed and recycled to minimise environmental impact, and our Surface Restoration Vehicles are equipped with large wastewater storage tanks that mean we are able capture all waste during the cleaning operation and dispose of it in accordance with regulations.

Pressure pumps that our team use, are driven off the vehicle’s diesel engine which is Euro IV compliant and produces less noise and carbon emissions.

So, when you are faced with a graffiti removal job, remember that it is important to engage a service provider that is appropriately certified and experienced to protect and look after the environment.