Retail stores and shopping centres have had many challenges in recent years, with the ever-growing online trend and periodical restrictions impacting customer numbers, retail centres must do all they can to entice shoppers to their location.

With this in mind, any form of anti-social behaviour like graffiti vandalism, at a shopping centre can have a big impact on visitor numbers. Store operators can experience a loss of revenue from shoppers who may become deterred from visiting the centre, which can often lead to loss of rental income for the centre management when shop owners relocate outside of the shopping centre.

In most cases, shopping centres that remain busy with high customer traffic take preventative measures to ensure that anti-social behaviour is kept to a minimum and does not affect the profitability of the shop owners or the facility itself.

All shopping centre management will have to deal with graffiti vandalism at some point, and in many locations, it is an on-going battle. However, it is locations that are slow to react and remove graffiti that end up with a big graffiti problem and other potential property damage issues.

It’s important to remember that graffiti vandals mark areas with tags because they seek the gratification of having their tags seen by people and will often seek properties that already have graffiti present, as this indicates that their graffiti tags won’t be quickly removed.

Therefore, managers for the centre can help prevent graffiti vandalism by removing graffiti as soon as it appears, ideally within 48 hours of its occurrence. By maintaining this practice, the graffiti vandals will see that their tags are gone almost as soon as they apply them, and this usually leads to the perpetrators moving on and no longer targeting the location.

To help with making the graffiti removal process quicker and easier, it is often a good idea to use anti-graffiti coatings on areas that are suitable for such protection. This can make the job of cleaning graffiti much easier, often only requiring the use of regular cleaning products.

Graffiti tags can also be prevented through the use of smart design features, like artistic wall murals or strategically placed garden beds and plants.

Graffiti removal isn’t the only form of maintenance for shopping centre management to prioritise. Facilities which are visibly in a state of untidiness and have outdoor areas that are dirty and stained can also deter shoppers. At The Graffiti Eaters, our team can provide shopping centre management with all the help they need to keep their facility free from graffiti and the external areas clean.

Our services can be provided on a maintenance agreement that sees our team regularly visit the centre to take care of any graffiti or stains, so the location is always kept looking its best.

To find out more about how we can help your centre management, speak to our customer service team today.