In the Lower Blue Mountains, the community has had enough of graffiti vandals defacing their community (see article: ). This rebuttal is being led by John Oakey, who is known by local police as the “Graffiti Guy”.

John monitors the local streets, buildings and high school and removes graffiti as soon as it appears. “In my book graffiti makes a place look scary if you don’t know the area”.

John’s philosophy is simple – no matter how large or small the graffiti is, remove it as soon as it appears. “The quicker you paint them over the better; the graffiti artists feel they are wasting time so they go somewhere else,” said John.

Don’t let your home or business become targeted over and over again! If graffiti suddenly appears on your property, contact the Graffiti Eaters to have the vandalism removed quickly, and prevent further property damage.