In many areas around the country, graffiti vandalism continues to be a real problem and often leaves councils, private businesses and even homeowners faced with a large graffiti removal job.

There are times when this vandalism gets really big, like when a fire extinguisher has been used to spray the graffiti paint and covers a very large section of the property.

While the process of filling a fire extinguisher with paint and pressurising it is very dangerous. If successful, graffiti vandals can cover an entire wall in just a few seconds.

This goes way beyond the smaller and often more artistic graffiti done with spray cans and is an act of pure and senseless vandalism.

When this form of graffiti attack occurs, it requires a much larger clean-up operation that usually involves the use of access equipment in order to reach the high areas of the building.

As all of our Technicians are licensed to work at heights and use this equipment, we can take care of any graffiti removal job no matter the size or location.

If the affected surface is a bare substrate, we have specialist cleaning solutions and treatment processes that can break down and extract the graffiti paint, allowing it to be cleaned without affecting the original surface.

On painted walls where a large section has been hit by graffiti, we often treat the graffiti with a block out paint, then re-paint the whole area with a correctly colour-matched paint.

If only a smaller section has been targeted, our Technicians will neatly re-paint the affected area to architectural lines with correctly colour-matched paint, leaving the finished area looking like it has never been touched.

So, for the best graffiti and stain removal job every time, give our customer service team a call and our Technicians will be on-site in no time to take care of your property.