The challenges our technicians face on a daily basis when attending graffiti removal jobs are many and varied.

These challenges are not only in the form of the graffiti itself, and the surface or substrate that has been vandalised, but also the location and gaining access to the affected area in order to perform the treatment and clean up work.

Graffiti vandals love to put their mark in locations that stand out and are easily seen, and often this sees them climbing up to some precarious spots to tag property.

This usually leaves highly visible graffiti in an area of the property that is difficult to access and requires trained and licensed technicians to safely perform the work.

And yet another factor that is often overlooked is the use of cleaning solutions in such a situation and how to properly manage run off and waste to avoid damage to surrounding surfaces, or potential contamination into stormwater drains or rain water tanks.

In the example shown in the image here, a large graffiti tag was placed on the upper exterior wall of this workshop, which is fabricated in Colorbond. This area has a lower roof section with gutters that run directly into a rain water tank.

So the challenges for our team here consist of safely accessing the area to be cleaned, using a treatment process that won’t damage the Colorbond but still remove the graffiti, controlling the cleaning solution and subsequent waste to keep it from running into the rain water tank, and finally, neutralising the surface after the cleaning process to ensure that no cleaning solution contamination remains that could cause damage to the Colorbond finish.

As all our technicians are licensed to work at heights, and trained to carefully plan and perform such work, we can take care of this whole process to not only provide a great removal result, but ensure that no damage or contamination occurs during the work.

Let our team of experts look after your property so you have total peace of mind that when all is done your building and any nearby areas have been professionally protected.