In manufacturing settings, productivity often takes precedence over aspects like cleanliness, which tend to become a secondary importance. Over time, factory floors can become coated with substances like oil, grease, paint, tyre marks and various other contaminates.

Many factory owners recognise this inevitability and safeguard their floors by applying epoxy coatings. These coatings resist most common stains and prevent them from penetrating porous concrete floors. However, this doesn’t mean ongoing maintenance and cleaning should be overlooked.

Careful cleaning of epoxy floors is crucial. While these coatings are durable, certain actions and cleaning processes can weaken them.

Avoid harsh, abrasive cleaning products. Many regular cleaning products found in supermarkets and hardware stores can be highly acidic or alkaline, both of which can damage epoxy coatings and the underlying surface.

During cleaning, use soft bristles to avoid scratching the epoxy surface. Hard bristles can act like sandpaper, leaving permanent marks on the coating. Regular sweeping with a soft-bristled broom is advisable to limit dust and dirt accumulation, which can become abrasive over time and eat into the epoxy finish.

In a bustling factory or warehouse environment, spills of chemicals and oils are almost inevitable, often occurring during peak production times. Addressing spills quickly is essential. Utilise absorbent materials, such as sand or kitty litter, to manage the spill and have the floor area professionally cleaned and neutralised as soon as possible.

Scratches in an epoxy floor coating can expose both the finish and the concrete floor beneath, allowing for further breakdown of the coating and staining to the concrete. In such instances, consult an epoxy coating specialist to restore your floor’s protective barrier.

Routine Deep Cleaning

Basic epoxy floor maintenance can significantly extend the life of your coating. However, for optimal appearance and prevention of potential damage, periodic deep cleaning is recommended. For high-traffic factories, we suggest this every six months. For establishments that can’t maintain regular in-house cleaning, we recommend visits every one to two months.

Deep cleaning helps prevent discolouration from spills and addresses minor blemishes before they escalate. Regular cleaning sessions not only save time but also prevent daunting messes, especially crucial during inspections or when transferring property ownership.

The Graffiti Eaters offer comprehensive epoxy floor deep cleaning across all regions in Australia. Our services extend to coating removal and replacement, as well as floor line marking updates. Boasting 45 years in surface restoration, our skilled team possesses the expertise to keep your floors pristine.