Do your car park line markings ensure safe traffic flow?

The team at Graffiti Eaters were called in to remove line marking for a basement that was to become a new car park. As such, existing markings did not suit the current business.

In order to remove the markings, the Graffiti Eaters used a two-step process. First, they were treated with a solution to soften the molecular structure of the paint and bring it to the surface.

Next, super-heated water was used to remove the paint, leaving the underlying ground looking clean and fresh, so that new lines could be painted as per the organisation’s request.

In order to ensure a safe working environment, the team at the Graffiti Eaters managed traffic flow during the process.

As an environmentally aware organisation, all waste water was vacuumed and disposed of safely off-site.

If you have recently moved into a new premises, and have found existing line markings do not cater your organisation effectively, the Graffiti Eaters can offer you a free on-site assessment to remove existing markings.