In Perth, police have launched operation Quadrangle III an initiative which aims to educate business owners on how they can avoid becoming a graffiti target, as well as educating youth – who are the common perpetrators of these acts (see full article here).

With Graffiti costing taxpayers in excess of $25 million per year, graffiti vandalism is now alongside hoon driving as one of the main issues that police aim to eradicate.

This program picks up where previous programs have failed. Many programs have been more targeted towards the youth, ensuring they are aware of the harm that graffiti causes society and the consequences of being caught.

However, many business owners do become faced with graffiti vandalism at some point, and are unsure whether it is in their best interests to remove the graffiti or leave it alone. Some are concerned that vandals may return, leaving graffiti in the same place, rendering their previous attempts to restore their property a waste of time.

Operation Quadrangle III is about eradicating these misconceptions, and educating property owners about what their best options really are. Most business owners find that removing the graffiti as soon as possible is actually the best method of prevention.

The reason behind this, is that most graffiti vandals gain satisfaction from having their tags on display. If they revisit a site and the graffiti is gone, they miss out on this gratification and seek a different place to leave their tags.

The Graffiti Eaters help many commercial property owners across Australia by providing a swift response to graffiti vandalism. We have long-term partnerships with organisations such as Woolworths, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Kmart, KFC and 7/11.

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