Art; not graffiti for Bayside

The Aspendale train station has received a makeover, in an attempt to eliminate graffiti vandalism (see article: Local school children and community groups have created large, colourful horse stencils on the Station Street side, fitting in with the area’s horseracing history from the 20th century. On the Nepean Highway side, there are large seahorse murals to represent the beachside location.

Not only did this project allow the youth to demonstrate their artistic skills, it became part of their anti-graffiti education. It is important that children realise that graffiti and art are two very different things. The majority of graffiti vandals are aged between 12-25 years of age*, making campaigns like this highly valuable in reducing the prevalence of graffiti in society.

Graffiti is not only harmful to the community by wasting government and property money, it can often lead children and teenagers on to other forms of illegal activity, such as public disorder, shoplifting, gang-related activity and destruction of property*. By inviting children to take part in enhancing their local community, we are allowing them to take pride in their neighbourhood, learn valuable life lessons and avoid gaining a criminal record.

The Graffiti Eaters works with local government, business owners and home owners to eliminate graffiti from our society. If you are a victim of graffiti vandalism, arrange an appointment with the Graffiti Eaters to discuss graffiti removal and preventative strategies for the future.

If you have children, consider speaking with your local council about art projects for youths to help beautify the neighbourhood, provide an outlet for creativity, and valuable life lessons for our young ones.

*Australian Institute of Criminology