In addition to providing expert graffiti removal and anti-graffiti coatings, another service we regularly provide is the treating and stripping of various coatings on a wide range of surfaces.

These can be things like line marking, specialist paint coatings, and failing protective coatings.

The process to treat and remove such coatings can vary depending on a range of elements. For example, the surface type and coating, location of area to be treated, and waste management requirements during the stripping and cleaning process.

One of the best methods for treating and managing the removal process and waste material is with the use of Dumond SmartStrip.

This product is specially designed to be used with a paper wrap that not only allows for strict control of dwell times, but also keeps all waste material trapped inside the paper. When the paper wrap is removed the waste product and old coating all stay adhered to the paper which can be neatly placed in containers and disposed of off site.

The Dumond SmartStrip process can be used on many surface types and provides great result with no effect on the surface being cleaned.

For more information on how this works, or to obtain a quote, call our customer service team today.

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