While we are specialists in graffiti removal, we can also supply and apply quality anti-graffiti coatings like Dulux Surface Shield.

This Dulux range includes both sacrificial and non-sacrificial coatings designed to withstand chemicals commonly used to remove graffiti.

One of the top anti-graffiti coating options in this range is Surfaceshield™ HD.

This is a water-based solution ideal for protecting bare wall surfaces from graffiti vandalism.

Surfaceshield™ HD is a non-sacrificial coating that allows for repeated graffiti removal. It protects by penetrating into the porous surface, where it provides an invisible hydrophobic and oleophobic layer.

Graffiti on surfaces treated with Surfaceshield™ HD can be removed using a combination of graffiti removal agents and hot water pressure.

For more information on this product range and other anti-graffiti options, call our customer support line.