No matter how careful you may be, there are times when unfortunate accidental spill can happen around the home resulting in a big mess that is very hard to properly clean.

In this example, a home owner dropped a can of paint on their driveway which left a large area covered in paint.

Cleaning up such a heavy paint spill from a porous surface like this driveway requires the use of specialist cleaning solutions and equipment that allow for deep cleaning of the substrate to extract the paint.

This process is the only way to fully remove the stain and clean the area.

It also allows for proper management of waste water and chemicals so they can be disposed of in accordance to EPA regulations.

All our technicians are fully trained in this process, and each of our surface restoration vehicles carry the cleaning solutions and equipment to complete this type of cleaning job.

Don’t risk making the situation worse. Call the professionals straight away in you need help with any type of paint or other large spill.