When you’re driving around most city and suburb locations, you don’t have to look far to spot areas where graffiti has been painted over in an effort to cover it up.

While this does hide the graffiti and is an easy solution, unfortunately the painted-out section is often done using a colour that does not match the wall or surface and as a result it stands out just as much as the graffiti did.

To make the problem worse, over time more of the same painted out patches are applied to the area, often in different colours, which just makes the whole wall surface look terrible.

If the substrate is a bare surface, like concrete or brick, painting out graffiti isn’t necessary as it can be removed with the use of the right cleaning solution.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we have a wide range of cleaning solutions that our trained Technicians can use to treat and remove graffiti tags from a wide variety of surface types, particularly bare substrates like concrete.

Even heavy graffiti, or built-up paint, can be effectively cleaned using our treatment processes and cleaning solutions.

As the paint from graffiti can penetrate deep into the porous substrate, making it difficult to remove, our process treats and breaks down the molecular structure of the paint or stain and draws the substance to the surface, where it can be properly removed leaving the surface clean.

If required, we can also supply and apply a suitable anti-graffiti coating to the substrate, which will protect the surface from future graffiti vandalism and make the area much easier to clean.

So, the next time you’re faced with graffiti on your property, don’t just paint over it. Give our team a call, and we’ll get it off.