This tragic story of a San Diego woman who died as a result of attempting to paint over graffiti on a wall, demonstrates the most serious reason why we recommend that you bring in the experts at The Graffiti Eaters to take care of graffiti removal. Other risks associated with attempting your own graffiti removal include:

Surface damage – The process of removing the graffiti usually involves high pressure application of water and special cleaning solutions. Without experience, you may scratch, damage or weaken the surface carrying the graffiti. We regularly see damaged brickwork and masonry as a result of attempts to remove graffiti carried out by the untrained.
Wrong cleaning solutions – Using the wrong cleaning solutions for a particular surface or type of graffiti, may reduce the ability for the graffiti to be completely removed. Our DIY kits can assist, but our experience with all types of surfaces and graffiti, ensures that we choose the right process and formulations to completely remove the graffiti, without damaging the surface.
Structural failure – The worst examples of inexperienced graffiti removal attempts can lead to structural failure of the vandalised surface. Other ongoing issues include increased likelihood of salt deposits in the surface, rising damp, and premature crumbling of bricks.
Shadows – Another common result of inexperienced attempts to remove graffiti is leaving shadows behind, which detract from the appearance of the wall and reduce the value of your property.

With over 35 years of experience, and research and development in the most effective ways to completely remove graffiti from any surface, without damage, The Graffiti Eaters is the best team to call.