Paint spill area often an unfortunate accident and can happen in an instant. These have the potential to not only cause considerable damage to the spill area, but also the surrounding environment.

Therefore, it is very important to have in place procedures and emergency spill kits in order to effectively deal with such incidences if and when they occur.

As paint spills often occur at areas like work sites, retail stores, schools and sporting clubs, we are often called in to deal with the paint spill clean-up. However, more often than not, there hasn’t been any effective spill containment used at the time of the incident.

This often results in a much larger clean-up job, effecting a wider range of surfaces.

There is also a greater risk of the wet paint running into storm water drains, which can then make its way into waterways, causing harm to animals and marine wildlife.

So, we recommend business owners and property managers to check their safety procedures and implement a strategy for dealing with accidental spills.

In the event of a paint spill, it’s important to try and prevent the paint from drying out and going hard. When this occurs, the clean-up and removal process becomes much more time consuming and reduces the ability to effectively remove the paint and restore the surface underneath.

In most paint spill clean-ups, high pressure cleaning alone isn’t enough to remove the paint stains. We often find that it is necessary to use one of our specialist cleaning solutions to break down the molecular bond of the paint to help release it from the surface.

After this process, high pressure cleaning and vacuum water recovery can be used to ensure the paint stains are removed and the area is clean and free from contamination.

Don’t let messy paint spills ruin your business image. Call our team and discuss your options or arrange for a quote.