In our 40 years of dealing with the social problem of Graffiti Vandalism we have seen it from every angle.

We have been part of focus groups, task forces, court cases and police stakeouts., and have experienced client’s pain and witnessed their frustrations. We’ve also rejoiced at many triumphs and wins maintaining sites looking graffiti free and ensuring the proud image of our clients is in tact.

How bad can graffiti get?

The photo here shows how far graffiti can escalate if it is not managed properly.

Once at this stage, these locations then become sites for more serious crime like squatting, drug dealings, theft, broken windows, violence and rapes. At this stage, the attitude becomes that there is no order, no control and nothing is off limits. At this stage, control is lost by law enforcement agencies.

Don’t let your asset turn into this!
Don’t give up control to criminals!
Do your part with your assets to provide a clean Australia!
Do support law enforcement agencies to drive this behaviour away!
Do set the standard for the type of society you want your family to live in.

For assistance, advice and ideas, call the experienced team at the Graffiti Eaters now on 1300 305 307. We can help you.