Another disturbing article about the mentality of graffiti vandals.

Trains are been stopped on line in the middle of the day and bomb graffitied by graffiti vandals causing kaosto train timetables and train line safety.

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TEEN train vandals are invading Melbourne’s underground rail tunnels in record numbers, delaying trains and risking their lives to post photographs of their exploits on social media.

The Herald Sun can reveal trespassers were caught on the tracks more than 1000 times in just seven months last year.

And the spike in “railway roulette” comes as authorities warn they are seeing tunnel explorers maimed and killed, and widespread delays resulting for commuters.

The self-described “tunnel rats” and “urban explorers” are mocking police efforts to crack down on their illegal behaviour as they seek to increase their online popularity.

One member of a crew of Melbourne tunnel rats — who would not be named — said he engaged in the dangerous activity because he enjoyed the rush and the challenge of “outsmarting the cops.”

“They (the police) are idiots, they don’t prioritise it and that’s why we keep beating them.”

Rail authorities warn self-proclaimed “tunnel rats” are not just disrupting travel for thousands of commuters but risk their lives and limbs too.