Boundary walls and fences around property can be built to both look great, adding character and style and also serve a specific purpose, like increase privacy, security and act as a sound barrier.

However, choosing the right materials for the construction and finding a surface in which to build a wall that then isn’t an inviting target for graffiti vandals can be quite a challenge!

Large expanses of flat wall or fence is an irresistible temptation for graffiti vandals and usually such areas are hit within days of being completed.

Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do in order to reduce the risk of a graffiti attacks on walls and fences, while at the same time enhancing the look and character of your property.

The first thing to consider it that you ideally need a surface which is not flat or consistent in colour so that no matter what colour paint the vandals have, it’s not going to easily stand out on the surface once applied.

A smooth, flat wall is a favourite canvas of graffiti vandals, as their work will usually really stand out on this type of finish.

Another great way to reduce the risk of graffiti is through the use of screening plants and trees that will grow tall in front of the area. If the wall can’t been seen, the graffiti vandals no longer have any purpose to tag the walls.

In the photos here is an example of a terrific attempt to achieve these goals and to date it hasn’t been graffitied!

The timber screen sound wall at the rear of the property has been painted with black stripes on a light tan timber, creating contrasting colours, this helps to reduce the visibility of graffiti paint if applied.

To further improve the anti-graffiti effect, the owners have installed a metal framework standing in front of the wall which is 2.5 metres high and in a maroon colour, with an inlay black mesh to fill sections and limit access by vandals which also doubles as a creeper growth structure.

Green creeper planting has been put in place to provide a natural screening and add a natural green colour that will fill out over time covering the entire structure.

This example is not a cheap wall to construct but then again, the cost of graffiti removal over a 20 year period will also add up.

So with a bit of imagination and use of plants, you can create a fantastic looking area that will provide a natural barrier and deter graffiti vandals.