Large corporate companies go to a lot of effort and expense to make their brand instantly recognisable, and many of these businesses have locations all over Australia that see very high customer volumes visiting these sites each day.

As a result, when graffiti vandalism occurs at any of these corporate properties, it becomes urgent that quick and professional graffiti removal be carried out to protect the image and brand.

The Graffiti Eaters provides this service to many of Australia’s leading corporate businesses through a maintenance agreement plan that sees our technicians onsite quickly when graffiti is reported, and the removal job carried out on the first visit.

To ensure that the brands image is protected, each technician carries a range of pre-mixed paint in their vehicles that are colour matched to the brand colours provided by each client. So in the event that a section of the property requires re-painting, this can be completed on the first visit and in correctly colour matched paint.

All our trained technicians are licensed and accredited to work on fuel sites, and carry on-board all the necessary safety equipment to manage traffic around their work zone.

The range of services we can provide under management agreements to corporate clients is wide and varied, which allows us to provide a complete package of services to ensure each site remains graffiti and stain free.

Speak with out customer service team to find out more about these services, and how we can help your company.