Paint spills are usually the result an unfortunate accident, however these can also be from a deliberate vandalism attack.

Either way, paint spills need to be dealt with quickly using careful attention to both the control of the spill and the clean-up process in order to minimise any potential risk to the environment and affected property.

At The Graffiti Eaters, our Technicians are able to respond quickly to emergency situations like paint spills, and each of our surface restoration vehicles carry spill containment kits that our team can use to control any further spread of the spill. This is always our first priority when arriving to such a call out.

Once the spill has been contained, and there is no risk of it spreading further, we can begin the clean-up process. If there is a thick layer of paint covering the affected area, the first step is to remove as much of this as possible.

Next our team will apply a series of our specialist cleaning solutions over the spill in order to break it down and release it from the affected surface. The type, amount and required dwell time for this step will vary depending on the type of material from the spill as well as the surface being cleaned.

After the required dwell time has allowed the cleaning solution to do its job, we can get to work cleaning up the area. Our Technicians do this using their onboard pressure cleaning units which also include a boiler unit to allow for the use of super-heated water when required.

All waste and water is then collected using vacuum recovery units which prevents any paint or cleaning solutions from entering drains or running off into nearby properties.

The waste is then disposed of off-site in accordance with environmental regulations.

With our mobile surface restoration vehicles, our Technicians are able to clean up spills in virtually any location. Even where there is no access to power or water, as all this can be brought onsite with the vehicle.

When required, we can also obtain any required permits needed to perform the job and can carry out the work with minimal inconvenience to staff and the public.

Each of our Technicians are fully licenced and highly experienced, so you can rest assured that you will always get the best possible result for any clean up job.

So, if you have sustained an unfortunate paint spill or vandalism at your property, give our team a call and we’ll be on-site in no time to provide the right clean-up solution for you.