Our society is a constantly changing environment, which means there are always new developments and construction sites being created in our cities and suburbs. Construction sites often attract graffiti vandals as these areas usually have large expanses of bare walls which make an attractive canvas for graffiti.

Trucks, earthmoving and construction equipment is also a regular target for graffiti vandals, as these present a mobile billboard for their tags, with trucks and equipment often being used in many different locations.

A new development or large construction site offers the property owners an excellent advertising opportunity, as people are always interested to have a look at what is going on at the site when they pass by.

Construction companies also take a lot of pride in maintaining a professional image to place themselves in the best position to capitalise from this public interest.

Therefore, if the construction site and equipment is covered in graffiti, it not only gives a bad impression of the location and the soon to open facility, but also reflects poorly on the construction company in charge of the build.

In addition, if graffiti isn’t removed quickly, it often results in more graffiti vandalism at the same site as other vandals see it as an opportunity, thinking that any graffiti won’t be cleaned.

By far, the best way to deter graffiti vandals from targeting any location and reduce the frequency, is to be proactive and deal with graffiti removal quickly.

Ideally, graffiti removal should usually be completed within 24 to 48 hours of it happening, as this will not only send a strong message to the vandals but also ensure a better removal result while the paint is still fresh.

Research data conducted by various anti-graffiti organisations shows that if graffiti is removed within 48 hours of being painted, it reduces the likelihood of the site being targeted again.

Our team of Graffiti Removal Technicians are fully qualified and accredited to be able to access construction sites to perform work. Each of our surface restoration vehicles is fully equipped with onboard water tanks, pressure cleaning systems, generators and of course our wide range of specialist cleaning solutions. This allows our team to arrive on site and be prepared to deal with any situation and graffiti removal job.

If you need help with graffiti cleaning at your property, give us a call today.