Applying a concrete sealer is a great way to protect these surfaces from stains and can also be used to enhance their colour.

As there are many different concrete sealer products available on the market, it can be confusing to know what the right sealer is for your concrete area.

If the wrong sealer product is used for either the substrate type or location, it can quickly result in the sealer failing and starting to peel and lift off the concrete where it has been applied.

In the example photo here, a sealer had been applied to this concrete pathway and has failed. The white patches are where the sealer is lifting off the concrete surface and, in many spots, has completely peeled away.

This problem is quite common, and something that our technicians see a lot.

When a sealer has failed in this way, there is often nothing that can be done to save it, and the best option is to have it fully removed and the correct sealer product applied if suitable.

Our technicians can take care of removing the concrete sealer by using a combination of cleaning solutions over the area, along with hot water pressure cleaning. This treatment process will breakdown the sealer product and rinse it from the concrete surface.

There is often quite a lot of waste created during the process of removing the sealer, as the product is essentially a clear paint. So, our team will collect all the surface coating that is removed during this process and dispose of it off site in accordance with EPA regulations.

When this process is complete, the concrete will be bare again and free from any sealer remnants. If desired, a new sealer product can be applied to the area, or the surface can be left uncoated.