While there are many examples of great graffiti art, unauthorised or unapproved graffiti murals on commercial property walls is unlawful and not respected by the community.

As seen here, there are many cases of such graffiti on bare concrete walls that are not welcome by the tenants or property owners.

Graffiti paint on substrates like this cement wall will soak into the porous surface making the clean up job more difficult, but not impossible.

With the use of the correct cleaning solution for the type of paint used, along with the appropriate dwell time and cleaning process, we can effectively remove all traces of graffiti paint from concrete walls like this.

Even in the case of heavy build up as seen here, our technicians are able to treat and breakdown the layers of graffiti paint, and then strip it away with our specialist pressure cleaning equipment.

It is important that the correct procedure is used when attempting to clean cement surfaces, as it can be permanently scared if  care isn’t taken or the right cleaning solution used.

We also highly recommend the use of a suitable anti-graffiti or surface sealer on such substrates, as this will greatly speed up the cleaning process as well as protect the concrete from stains.

Speaking of stains, our team can also take care of the dirt and grime covered car park area which can also be seen in this photo.

For a complete clean up solution on your commercial property, call the experts at the Graffiti Eaters and we’ll take care of your valuable premises.