Construction sites and building companies often have a lot of exposed areas that make for inviting targets to graffiti vandalism.

Combine this with the fact that these sites commonly have building materials and paints stored on site that end up being used for the graffiti attack.

During the construction process, there are many bare brick and cement areas in various stages of construction and if graffiti tags and paint are applied to these surfaces they require a specialist cleaning solution and method in order to remove the graffiti without damage to the newly built surface.

Our technicians carry a wide range of graffiti removal products designed for use on different substrates that allows them to treat and clean graffiti tags quickly and effectively.

Don’t risk damage to your new building area through incorrect graffiti cleaning processes that can make the problem worse.

Call our customer hotline and speak with our team to arrange for one of our technicians to visit your site and provide a quote.