Commonly, graffiti vandals like to target wall surfaces that are uniform in colour as this gives them a plain and even surface where their graffiti will stand out the most.

Bare concrete and brick walls are often targeted for this reason but painted or rendered walls are often hit with graffiti for the same reason.

When a painted wall has been tagged by graffiti, attempts to clean it will often result in the painted finish also being damaged by the cleaning process. As a result, it is often necessary to re-paint the affected area in order to cover the graffiti and restore the look of the wall.

However, as simple as this may sound, there are a number of factors that need to be correctly done in order to complete the job with a great result.

As most building paints are now water-based, if the new paint is applied directly over the graffiti, it is common for the graffiti substance to bleed through the new paint not long after application.

For this reason, it is recommended to either remove the graffiti from the area to be painted or use a suitable block out paint prior to applying the new paint to the wall. This will ensure that the graffiti substance cannot impact on the new paint and a good result will be achieved.

It is also common to see small sections of a wall painted to cover over graffiti where the paint has not been correctly matched to the existing colour. Often, we see walls that have had multiple cover-up paint jobs done over time and has resulted in a patchwork of varying colours.

In addition to graffiti removal and surface preparation, our team of technicians are trained to accurately colour match paint on-site in order to provide the best possible blending of paint tint to the existing wall colour.

We also paint to architectural lines, rather than just small patches, which helps to ensure an even coverage for large sections of the wall.

The end result is a finished job that looks like the wall has never been tagged by graffiti.

So, if you have graffiti at your property that is causing you a problem, trust the company with over 45 years’ experience nationally, and speak to our customer service team for assistance with your next graffiti removal job.

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