Colorbond roller doors can be found on many properties from residential homes to commercial businesses and come in many different types and styles.

Like Colorbond fences and roofing, the range of colours allows for great flexibility of design so the overall look and feel can be neatly blended into the style of the property.

A quality Colorbond product will last a long time when exposed to the harsh Australian climate, however over time this finish will slowly weaken and become more susceptible to stains, making it more difficult to clean.

In the case of graffiti vandalism, a new Colorbond finish will generally clean up very well, but great care needs to be taken with the cleaning solutions used in the removal process, as a treatment that is too strong will easily damage the Colorbond and potentially strip it completely off.

In addition to this, many Colorbond materials have a highly contoured surface which can be by design for adding a specific style or functionality, as is usually the case with roller doors.

This can present a greater challenge when it comes to cleaning graffiti from these surfaces.

Using the right cleaning solution from our wide range of treatments, our Technicians can treat and clean graffiti and stains from such situations to ensure that a great cleaning result is achieved and that the original finish is protected.

If needed, we can also provide an on site colour-matching and re-painting service in the event that effective removal isn’t possible.

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