Cleaning graffiti from a cColorbond fence can present a unique range of challenges as the surface can easily be permanently damaged if the wrong type of chemical is used to remove the graffiti.

Some cleaning solutions can even cause the metal fence panels to corrode if not cleaned off and properly neutralised.

The corrugated shape of these fence panels, and seamless joins in the framework mean that heavy graffiti paint can be quite difficult to remove.

In addition, the age of the Colorbond fence and condition of the colour surface can vary the result greatly.

Using our specially developed range of cleaning solutions and hand cleaning techniques, we can treat and clean off most graffiti paint on a Colorbond fence with minimal damage to the surface.

Oxidisation of the Colorbond surface can also be treated to bring back the vibrancy of the original colour. This process usually leaves the fence looking like new again.

In some cases however, the graffiti can be too heavy to clean off without damaging the Colorbond surface. In this situation, it is best to strip off the heavy graffiti, prepare the fence panels and re-paint them with accurately colour matched paint suitable for the fence application.

Don’t risk causing damage to your expensive fencing. Speak to our customer service team to find out how we can help.