Regardless if a paint spill is a deliberate act of vandalism, or an accidental splatter on a wall or floor, the messy end result is the same and usually requires a big clean up.

In most cases, the paint from the spill will splash over quite a large area effecting a wide range of surfaces and substrate types. As a result, the treatment and cleaning process for each of these surfaces can be different.

To ensure that the best paint removal job is done with little or no damage to the effected surfaces, it is vital to use the correct cleaning solution and treatment process to remove the paint spill while protecting the surface being cleaned.

Whether it is around your home or at a school or commercial property, our team of technicians can take care of all aspects of the paint spill clean up process and provide you with the best possible result.

We not only take great care to ensure your property is not damaged in the clean up process, but also deal will all waste material and run off leaving all areas clean and free from paint and waste.

If areas of the property require re-painting as part of the clean up job, we can colour match onsite and blend in to the existing paint so you won’t notice the newly painted areas.

Trust our team to look after your property, and give us a call.