In addition to paint and graffiti, there are many types of substances that can cause difficult to clean stains and marks on hard surfaces.

For example, glue spills, tar splatters, concrete dust or spills, decking oil drips and dyes, just to name a few.

Any of these can leave a tough build-up or stain on surfaces like cement, pavers, tiles and natural stone, and if the correct cleaning process is not used there is a high risk of damaging the substrate even further leaving the surface with a permanent scare or stain.

With our specially developed cleaning solutions, our technicians are able to treat a wide range of substances and clean away stains and build-up leaving little or no trace of the spill on the affected area.

The process involves using a series of cleaning solutions that are applied to the spilt liquid to break down its molecular bond and release it from the surface. After this, if further staining remains we can apply another specialist solution that can chemically suspend the substance from within the substrate and draw it out where it can then be fully cleaned away.

The last process is to wash the surface down with water under pressure and leave the area totally clean and free of any contamination. Where required, all waste water is vacuum collected to ensure nothing enters any drains where it could cause harm to the environment.

For expert help clean up any spillage at your property, call our team for assistance.