The use of tilt panel concrete in construction has become popular as it is a very efficient and cost-effective building process that is ideal for use in commercial and high-rise building projects.

The concrete panels are prefabricated in bulk under controlled conditions in a factory, then brought to the construction site where they are lifted into place. These panels are commonly used for the construction of walls, columns, and other structural sections of the building.

Most commonly these are used on the external walls and are often left in their natural bare cement finish. When new and clean, this bare concrete looks great and is a popular style in modern buildings.

However, this nice bare concrete is also very popular with graffiti vandals as it provides them with the perfect blank canvas to perform their graffiti tagging. As a result, it’s often not long before these walls have become the target for graffiti and are covered in multiple tags or large-scale graffiti.

Like all concrete substrates, tilt slab walls are highly porous and will quickly soak up any moisture or liquid that comes into contact with the surface. This includes substances used for graffiti, like spray can paint. This is why it can be difficult to fully clean graffiti and other stains from bare concrete surfaces.

Concrete Cleaning

At The Graffiti Eaters, we have our own unique range of specialist graffiti cleaning solutions that our team of technicians use to treat and remove graffiti on bare surfaces like concrete slabs.

When applied to the graffiti, these solutions soften and break down the graffiti substance both on the surface and within the substrate. This process draws the graffiti substance out from the porous concrete allowing it to be rinsed away, leaving the concrete surface clean and graffiti free.

In some extreme cases, a follow up application of the cleaning solution can be re-applied to sections where graffiti shadowing is still visible. This treatment process can be repeated as necessary until the wall is completely clean and graffiti free.

By treating graffiti this way, it allows for the concrete surface to be fully cleaned without the need to use harsh or abrasive techniques that can often permanently scar the substrate.

If you have such bare concrete walls at your property, and are wanting to keep them looking their best, we highly recommend the use of a quality protective coating to seal the substrate. Doing this will help to protect the concrete from moisture and prevent the build-up of dirt and grime stains. More importantly however, it will also make the job of graffiti removal much easier and more effective.

So, if you have graffiti on your property that you need cleaned or would like to find out more about our range of protective coatings, give our customer service team a call to arrange for no obligation quote.

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