Permanent marker pens have long been used by graffiti vandals as they are an easy product to carry and provide and quick and easy way to tag property. These markers range from the regular size pens that most people use daily, to super wide versions that have very thick tips and allow for larger graffiti tags.

It’s common to see such graffiti in public areas like toilets, bus and train stations, fast food outlets, connivence stores, and public transport, just to name a few.

Graffiti tags from permanent markers can be very problematic to remove as the combination of solvent and pigment or dyes used in these pens is very strong and will soak quickly into just about any surface.

The combination of these elements is what makes removal of permanent marker graffiti very difficult and is one of the reasons why marker pens are commonly used by opportunistic graffiti vandals.

Regular cleaning solutions or harsh scrubbing will often not have much of an impact on removing the tags left behind by the marker pen, and strong solvents can also damage the finish of the surface being cleaned.

While some cleaning products will remove most of the marker pen tag, these will often no effect on the deeper stain and a shadow of the tag will permanently remain.

In order to breakdown and clean away marker pen tags, it is necessary to use a highly specialist cleaning solution that is designed for use on the dye contained in the marker pen substance. These solutions often require a suitable dwell time in order to allow the marker dye to break down and be drawn out of the surface where it can be clean away.

The type of cleaning solution used will depend on the surface or finish to be cleaned, which is where our experience at The Graffiti Eaters come into play.

As Australia’s first graffiti removal company, we have over 45 years’ experience in treating and cleaning graffiti from every surface type you can imagine as well as dealing with every kind of graffiti substance, including marker pens.

Over this time, we have developed our specialist graffiti cleaning solutions in order to treat and extract graffiti paints and dyes from deep within many substrate types, allowing our technicians to quickly and effectively remove graffiti and other stains from a wide range of surfaces.

Our trained technicians carry our complete range of cleaning solutions in their surface restoration vehicles, allowing them to attend any site and clean graffiti tags quickly the first time and with no delay or risk of damage.

So regardless of the hard surface stain or graffiti problem, let our team of professionals take care of it for you.