Signage comes in many forms, sizes and material types and are a vital part of the property for many businesses. They often present the brand and image of the company, provide information about products or services, and help to attract visitors to the premises.

However, signage is also regularly targeted by graffiti vandals who like to leave their tags in prominent places where they are easily seen.

Graffiti removal from signage can require a delicate treatment process where specialist cleaning solutions, great care and expert knowledge is crucial to a successful cleaning result.

Also, quickly dealing with graffiti on signage is crucial to not only protecting the image of the business, but also greatly improves the ability to effectively remove the graffiti from the signage without damage to the finish. This also sends a message to the graffiti vandals that any graffiti will be quickly removed and act as a deterrent to help prevent further attacks.

Depending on the type of material the signage made from, the graffiti removal process and cleaning solutions used can vary.

One of the most common signage types used today is digital printed skins, and unfortunately this is also one of the most easily damaged surfaces when using cleaning products to remove graffiti tags.

By applying a quality anti-graffiti coating to this type of signage greatly improves the ability to effectively clean graffiti tags without damage to the printed finish. Additionally, this can also help to make the signage last longer when exposed to harsh UV and environmental conditions.

However, even when a sign hasn’t had an anti-graffiti coating applied, our team of Technicians can usually achieve a great result by using our delicate cleaning solutions to gently remove the graffiti substance.

Out technicians carry over 26 different types of cleaning solutions in their surface restoration vehicles, allowing them to select the right solution for the job at hand. These cleaning solutions can also be used in combination with each other to more effectively clean graffiti from a wide range of surface types and signage finishes.

All our technicians go through a rigours training process, with many hours spent treating and cleaning graffiti from different situations. This allows them to be able to quickly identify the type of graffiti substance, the surface finish to be cleaned, and then select a suitable treatment process to clean away the graffiti.

So, if your business image and signage is important to you, give our customer service team a call when you have graffiti that is impacting your signage.

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