Signage has been commonplace in our society for many years and is basically everywhere you look in any city or town.

The type and use of signage varies greatly, however one aspect that is common to nearly all signage is its accessibility making it vulnerable to graffiti.

As the purpose of signage is to be highly visible and promote a message or give information to the people that see it, anytime graffiti vandalism is present on signage, it can severely impact on the image of the business that it belongs to, or in the case of street signage, has the potential to cause confusion or impact on traffic.

Therefore, quickly dealing with graffiti on signage is very important, but like all graffiti removal work, it must be done using the right cleaning solution for the surface being cleaned and using a treatment process that will not impact on the signage material.

Signage companies have a wide range of materials they can use to construct signs. From metal signs, vinyl banners, hoarding skins, PVC plastics and more, with each having its benefits for a specific use. For this reason, if the wrong type of cleaning solution is used when treating a specific material, it can not only damage the finish of the sign, but also has the potential to impact on the material the sign is made of.

For example, if the wrong type of cleaning solution is used on a plastic sign, the plastic could become brittle, or turn cloudy causing permanent damaged. This would result in the signage needing to be replaced.

At The Graffiti Eaters, our team of Technicians receive regular training to stay up to date with the latest information on cleaning solutions, specific uses and relevant tools for our industry. This allows our technicians to quickly and correctly identify the signage substrate when they arrive at a job, so they can prepare and use the correct cleaning solutions and provide the best graffiti removal possible for the affected sign.

Our team carries over 26 specialty cleaning solution formulations on their vehicles, and when required, they can mix a specific solution onsite to get the correct concentration for the job at hand.

Have you got commercial or retail signage that has been vandalised? Before you replace it, let our team assess it! We may be able to repair your signage where others can’t! Contact us now.

So, if you’re faced with graffiti on signage at your property, don’t risk making the problem worse! Give our expert customer service team a call and we’ll be on-site in no time to take care of the graffiti removal.