Roller doors can be found on most residential and commercial properties, and come in a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes. Whether it is a small roller door on a garage or carport, or a large-scale roller door on warehouse loading bay, one thing they usually have in common is that the roller door faces out onto a street or laneway where they make for an inviting target for graffiti vandals.

As the roller door is often highly visible to people as they enter the property, or even just pass by, a graffiti covered roller door is not going to help the image of your property or business.

Roller doors can be manufactured from a range of materials, including Colorbond, galvanised steel, zincalume or aluminium, and in most cases, it is possible to achieve a good graffiti removal result from such finishes.

However, each different surface or material requires the use of a cleaning solution and treatment process that won’t damage or mark the finish. Additionally, some bare metal finishes can begin to corrode after certain cleaning products have been used on them, so it is important that a neutralising product is used as the final step in the cleaning process.

If the affected surface is Colorbond, and in good condition, it is possible to remove graffiti from the surface with little or no impact on the colour or shine. In fact, if the Colorbond has some light oxidisation, the cleaning solutions we use can bring back the original vibrance of the finish.

In cases where the Colorbond is old and has been exposed to the elements and UV for many years, it is common for the finish to lose its hardness, which means it will easily dissolve when even a gentle cleaning product is applied.

In this situation, it is best to remove the graffiti, then prepare the surface and re-paint the roller door with a suitable product.

Our team of technicians at The Graffiti Eaters are able to take care of your roller door in the event of a graffiti attack and provide the best solution for your needs and achieve the best result possible.

There are also some cases where an anti-graffiti coating can be applied to tilt panels or roller doors to make them easier to clean and protect the finish of the door. As roller doors move and flex, it is important that the right coating is used as the constant flexing can cause the anti-graffiti coating to crack and fail.

To find out more about our graffiti removal services or protective coatings, give our customer service team a call.