Long gone are the days when signage was painstakingly hand painted by skilled signwriters. Now, thanks to large-scale printing systems that signage companies use, highly detailed signs and banners can be quickly printed to any size specifications.

This digitally printed signage is usually done onto a vinyl material that not only allows for great flexibility in the signage size and use but is also very durable and can withstand the harsh outdoor elements.

While it is common to see this type of signage in many areas around our cities, it is just as common to see such signage that has been targeted and tagged by graffiti vandals.

When it comes to cleaning graffiti from printed vinyl signs, care needs to be taken in order to prevent any damage to the printed finish. The use of strong chemicals or solvent based products will almost instantly dissolve the printed surface and see the colour run or be wiped clean from the vinyl.

With the use of our specialist cleaning solutions and treatment process, in most cases, our expert technicians can remove graffiti tags with little or no impact on the printed signage.

This removal process is performed using a gentle hand application and cleaning technique that allows the technician to precisely control the cleaning solution so that it is only applied directly onto the graffiti substance.

Then, by closely monitoring the cleaning solution dwell time, the graffiti tag can be gently hand wiped from the surface to reduce the risk of damage to the printed finish.

Like any graffiti vandalism, the quicker the graffiti is removed from the signage after the attack the easier the removal process will be and the better the result. Additionally, by taking care of the graffiti removal quickly, the likelihood of the signage being targeted again is greatly reduced.

If a suitable anti-graffiti coating has been applied to the vinyl signage, this cleaning process can be performed several times without any impact on the printed finish. So, if the signage is likely to be in a location where it will become the target of graffiti vandals, it is a great idea to have a protective coating applied.

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