When graffiti vandalism happens on painted surfaces, there are a number of treatment and cleaning process that can be used to remove the tags.

We have a big range of specialist cleaning solutions that can clean and remove graffiti from painted surfaces with little or not effect to the original paint.

The process used will depend on a the type of paint used on the wall or surface, as well as the type of graffiti that has been applied.

In many cases, repainting the area can be the best option, but it’s important to understand that simply painting directly over the graffiti isn’t always a good idea.

Simply doing this can result in problems like the graffiti paint bleeding through the new coat, or the new paint may not adhere to the surface and start to peel off.

So just like any painting job, preparation of the surface is crucial to ensure a professional result and one that will last.

In addition to this, our technicians are trained in on-site colour matching. Which means we can re-paint sections of a wall and blend in the colour without having to paint the whole area.

This also means we don’t leave mismatching painted areas which can look just as bad as the graffiti that was there before.

If you want graffiti cleaned so your property is looking great again, we can take care of all the steps and provide a professional result the first time.

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