Graffiti vandals don’t often target glass as a place to apply their tags, this is probably because glass is quite easily cleaned compared to other surfaces and substrates.

However, in the event that graffiti has been applied to glass, proper care must be taken when removing the graffiti so that no damage or scratches are made to the glass surface.

The use of harsh cleaning pads will easily leave marks on most glass finishes, which will leave the glass looking scratched and dull. This can often look worse than the graffiti did before it was removed.

Another common mistake is using rags or cloths that have been used for cleaning other surfaces. These used rags often have dirt and other particles embedded in them that can leave marks on glass and potentially cause deep scratches.

Likewise, the build-up of dirt and grime around window frames and on the surface of the glass can also impact on the finish of the glass if correct care isn’t taken when applying cleaning solutions and wiping over the glass surface.

In most cases, it is best to clean the glass and surrounding framework with a light pressure clean before touching the glass. This will remove any loose debris and build-up that can potentially cause scratching.

Once the glass is ready to be treated so the graffiti can be removed, it is then necessary to use the correct cleaning solution for the type of graffiti paint or ink that is on the surface.

Another common mistake we see is the use of cleaning solutions that impact on the framework, surrounding paint or path and floor areas where the cleaning work is being performed.

The use of certain types of cleaning solutions can leave permanent marks on aluminum frames if care is not taken or the area neutralized after cleaning. Similarly, powder coating can also be damaged with certain chemicals, so care must be taken.

This is where knowledge and experience comes into play.

Our team of Technicians are highly trained in all the types of cleaning solution combinations and surface finishes they can be used on or potentially damage. Each of our Technicians carry 26 different cleaning solutions on their surface restoration vehicles, allowing them to arrive at a job and be prepared for any graffiti removal situation, and have the right treatment for any application.

We also have a range of specialised cleaning pads and cloths to use with specific treatment processes to not only ensure the best removal but also no impact on the surface being cleaned.

So, anytime you are faced with a graffiti removal job, give our customer service team a call and one of our Technicians will be on-site in no time to take care of your graffiti removal.