While most glass surfaces are not something you would normally need to worry about having trouble with when it comes to graffiti removal, there are a few things that need to be taken into account before this type of cleaning is performed.

In the first instance, it is best to know what the graffiti substance is so that the best cleaning solution can be used. Also, it is important to check if there are any surface films or markings on the glass that may be affected by the use of strong solvents if these are to be used.

Additionally, are the windows free from dust, dirt or debris? The presence of these can cause abrasion between any cleaning cloths and result in scratches on the glass.

A common mistake we see is where cleaners have wiped the windows with the same mop or sponges used to clean the floor. These cleaning products can pick up small particles of harsh substances like sand, rock or other debris which can easily go unnoticed and scratch the glass.

Likewise, it is best to avoid the use of strong scourer pads, as these will often cause tiny scratches and dull the glass finish.

Other debris can also build up on and around the windows, such as steel shavings from construction, rust particles from window frames, and concrete dust from walls and pavement.

It’s important to inspect and clean the surrounding areas of the window before commencing any cleaning on the glass. Additionally, some cleaning solutions can impact on window framing, like bare aluminium or powder coated finishes. So care must be taken to ensure that the products use will not cause damage to these surfaces.

Another process that many people have used when removing paint from glass to use a razor blade in an attempt to scrape the graffiti from the surface. While this can be used to remove the graffiti, it often scratches in the glass where the edges of the blade have dug into the surface. In this process, it is best to use a cleaning solution to first soften the paint, which will make the job of scraping off the graffiti much easier and reduce the risk of scratches.

Our Technicians carry 26 different cleaning solutions in their vehicles, which enables them to select the right treatment process for the specific job and surface type, including glass. Each of our team members are highly trained to properly prepare and clean the surface of glass and other surfaces prior to applying any cleaning solutions that will be used to remove the graffiti or other stains.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we work with closely with retailers like Woolworths, Kmart and 7/11 to restore their windows and glass surfaces from graffiti, paint and other harsh stains.

So if you have an issue with graffiti at your property and would like to find out more about our graffiti removal services or give our customer service team a call to obtain a personalised quote.