Tilt Slab concrete is frequently used in the construction of commercial buildings like factories and warehouses, as it provides a strong and durable finish that is quick to erect.

Often, these walls are left with the bare cement finish exposed on the outside, which is fine as the finish can easily withstand the elements, it keeps the cost of the build down, as well as looking good.

Unfortunately, this provides the graffiti vandal with the best possible canvas for them to practice and it’s all too common to see these walls covered in graffiti.

The porous nature of tilt slab walls sees the paint soak into the substrate which makes the job of effectively cleaning graffiti tags off this surface difficult.

The use of high pressure cleaning alone will often only remove the top surface of the graffiti and leave behind a shadow of the tags from the paint still deep in the substrate.

This process also often results in damage to the concrete surface which will leave a permanent scaring on the finish.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we have developed a range of specialist cleaning solutions that our technicians use to treat the graffiti on such surfaces as the first step in the graffiti removal process.

This softens and breaks down the paint from not only the surface, but also draws the paint out from deep within the substrate.

After a suitable dwell time based on the type of paint being cleaned, and the nature of the substrate, the graffiti paint and the wall can be rinsed with moderate pressure allowing the tags to be washed away.

If needed, follow up applications of the cleaning solution can be applied to sections where shadowing is still visible and rinsed again. This process can be repeated until the wall is completely clean and graffiti free.

Here you can see a time lapse of a such a cleaning process where you’ll notice the reaction of the cleaning solution as it’s applied to the paint. This is where most of the work of the cleaning process is done allowing for the paint to be effectively washed away.

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