The use of natural stone to create retaining and feature walls has become a popular and common design choice on many modern properties. Natural stone allows for the construction of unique wall features that add a lot of individual style and blend in with both modern and traditional style buildings.

It is also common to see these walls at the front of property and facing out into the street, or in public spaces and nature parks where they are used to create natural looking structures.

While the rough textured nature of a stone wall finish is not usually the ideal canvas for graffiti vandals, it is not uncommon to see such walls with graffiti tags.

Effectively cleaning graffiti from the surface of natural stone walls presents a number of challenges. While these stone are usually very strong and tough, allowing for use of cleaning processes like pressure cleaning, they are often very porous. This can result in the graffiti substance soaking deep into the stone where it dries, making it very difficult to remove.

The textured surface the whole wall, as well as each individual stone, makes it a challenge to achieve a good cleaning result. In some cases, these walls are constructed using small stones that are held inside a metal cage, like the example shown here. This further compounds the difficulty of treating and cleaning the graffiti from the area.

As we have been Australia’s leading graffiti removal company for over 45 years, we have faced this type of situation many times, and have developed specialist graffiti cleaning solutions and treatment processes that allow our team of Technicians to efficiently treat and remove graffiti from stone walls of all kinds.

By identifying the type of graffiti substance used and the stone surface that has been affected, our Technicians can select the most suitable cleaning solution, or combination of solutions, for the job to ensure that all the graffiti is removed and no damage is caused to the stone surface.

When these walls are in public spaces, like nature parks, there is often no water or power in the area. As our surface restoration vehicles are equipped with on board water tanks, generators, pressure cleaning units and boilers, we are able to attend any site and perform the removal job quickly and efficiently.

So, if you have troublesome graffiti at your property, give our customer service team a call to arrange for quick removal.

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