Shade cloth is a highly versatile material that can be used in a wide range of applications to create things like shaded areas and privacy screens, and is commonly used in public locations like playgrounds, schools, temporary fencing and construction sites.

As the shade cloth fabric is made from synthetic fibres, it can be very difficult to clean graffiti from as most chemicals will dissolve the material. Additionally, the woven textured surface of the fabric makes cleaning all sides of the material quite difficult and time consuming.

Pressure cleaning shade cloth can also easily damage the material if the correct equipment and pressure isn’t used.

All of these factors can quickly lead to permanent damage of the shade cloth and result in the need to replace the affected section of material or the entire sail if the application is a pre-made shade structure.

Many people will often just go straight to the replacement option, thinking that the graffiti cannot be removed from the shade cloth. However, at The Graffiti Eaters we have developed our own unique cleaning solution that enables our team of technicians to perform graffiti cleaning on shade cloth with fantastic results.

When used in combination with the correct application, agitation and neutralisation techniques, full removal of the graffiti tags achieved.

Recently, our team performed graffiti removal on a construction site that included a section of shade cloth that had been tagged, as shown in the photo here. Temporary fencing and semi-permanent structures are usually erected at these work sites to provide both security for the project and safety for both the workers and the general public.

This type of graffiti on mesh fence screens at commercial projects is very common and graffiti vandals like to target these as they are a dominant visual presence for anyone passing by which gives them recognition from their peers for their criminal acts.

Unfortunately, this graffiti can impact heavily on the image of not only the construction company, but also the developer and the project itself.

By acting quickly to have the graffiti removed, you can greatly decrease the chances of repeat offenders as well as maintain the clean image of all organisations associated with the development.

So, for professional graffiti removal on all types of surfaces, give our customer service team a call and one of our technicians will be on site quickly to take care of your graffiti problem.

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