Porous substrates like concrete can easily soak up substances that are spilt or applied to their surface, allowing the stain to absorb deep into the substrate and making it difficult to effectively clean.

The use of household cleaning products often just makes the stain soak even deeper into the substrate, and increases the problem further.

Through the use of a specialist cleaning solution and treatment process that is suited to both the stain or paint type and substrate being treated, the marks on a surface can be effectively broken down and then fully extracted from the substrate leaving little or no trace of the stain.

In the example shown here, our technician applied one of our cleaning solutions to some spray paint graffiti on a cement driveway which broke down the paint and drew it to the surface. Then with the use of vacuum assisted pressure cleaning system, the stain was rinsed from the substrate leaving it clean.

This process allows our team to treat graffiti tags and other stains in areas where waste needs to be properly controlled to avoid run off into other areas or storm water drains.

As the water pressure is also fully regulated, this process can be adjusted to suit different substrate types to ensure no damage is caused to the surface during the cleaning job.

If you have difficult to clean stains or graffiti tags at your property, give our team a call to arrange for a no obligation quote.