Colorbond is a very commonly used product in Australia, particularly for the construction of sheds, warehouse walls and fences.

The steel base material used for Colorbond sheets is actually made out of galvanised steel. This is then treated with an anti-corrosion and weather-resistant coating which gives the Colorbond sheets their unique finish.

As a result of this process, Colorbond is a very durable product that can last for many years of being exposed to the harsh Australian elements.

Unfortunately, due to the locations that Colorbond walls and fences are often constructed, they can become the target of graffiti vandalism.

Due to the nature and finish on Colorbond sheeting, paint will often adhere very well to the surface, making it difficult to remove the graffiti from the Colorbond finish.

Consequently, when it comes to graffiti removal from Colorbond, it is very important to take great care not to damage the finish and that suitable cleaning solutions are used. Any use of harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning processes on Colorbond usually results in the finish being damaged, or even completely removed from the steel sheeting.

At The Graffiti Eaters, we have developed our own unique range of specialised cleaning solutions that our Technicians can use to treat graffiti tags on a wide range of surfaces. These cleaning solutions are designed to break down the paint or ink used for the graffiti, while at the same time, not impacting on the original finish of the surface being cleaned.

When it comes to cleaning graffiti from a Colorbond surface, our team will perform this process using one of our unique cleaning solutions in combination with a hand cleaning treatment and removal process.

This way the cleaning solution application can be fully controlled, along with the dwell time of the treatment, to ensure no accidental damage is caused to the Colorbond finish.

What many people don’t realise is that many chemicals and treatments will continue to work away at the surface or substrate long after the initial application and cleaning has been done. This often causes damage or corrosion to the area days or weeks later. Therefore, a very crucial step to perform when cleaning graffiti on surfaces like Colorbond is to fully neutralise the area after the graffiti cleaning treatment has been done.

Doing this will ensure that no active cleaning solution residue is left on the Colorbond finish which could potentially continue to eat away at the coating and eventually cause it to fail and the metal surface to rust.

If you have graffiti at your property that needs attention, don’t risk any accidental damage. Give us a call and one of our expert Technicians will be onsite to take care of the removal process.