Removing graffiti tags and paint from vehicles is not always a straight forward task. However if the graffiti is attended to quickly, removing tags from the painted areas on vehicles is much easier and less costly than a respray.

The same goes for tags that effect windows and surrounding trim and rubber.

The correct processes for treating and cleaning graffiti from vehicles is to use a cleaning solution that when applied with the correct dwell time, it breaks down the softer, fresh graffiti paint first, leaving the baked automotive paint unaffected.

In many cases, it is necessary to perform this process in a number of steps, with a variety of cleaning solutions and polishes to gently clean effected areas.

It is important to conduct graffiti removal on these surfaces when the graffiti is fresh, and within 1 week for the best results.

If it is allowed to be baked on by UV rays from the sun, the dwell time window is reduced making removal more difficult, longer and costly.

Our support team can assist you with any graffiti removal issues you may have, so call us first to find out the best process to deal with your problem.