When it comes to cleaning a floor that has an Epoxy coating or sealer, care must be taken so the surface is not damaged, and the integrity of the sealer is kept intact.

Even though these coatings are highly robust, they can be affected by careless cleaning processes or through the use of certain cleaning solutions which can degrade its strength.

Solvent based cleaning products can soften an Epoxy coating which can leave it vulnerable to being easily marked by scrubbing or pressure cleaning.

In commercial environments like warehouses and factories, things like oil, grease, tyre marks and general grime can build up in areas and begin to impact on the finish of a floor coating.

While these coatings and sealers will repel most common stains and spills, reducing their ability to become absorbed into a porous concrete floor, it doesn’t mean that sealed floor areas should never be periodically cleaned.

Strong, abrasive cleaning methods and harsh chemicals usually aren’t needed when performing such cleaning, as these have the potential to damage an Epoxy coating and the underlying surface.

In a busy warehouse or factory environment, chemical or oil based spills are almost unavoidable. When these occur it’s important that they are controlled quickly through the use of absorbent material to collect the spill. This will not only minimise any health and safety hazards, but also reduce the affected area and any potential damage to the coating.

If an Epoxy coating becomes chipped or scratched, it’s very important to act on it as soon as possible and have it repaired as these will leave the coating and the underlying surface susceptible to moisture and chemicals.

For commercial properties that have high traffic or harsh use, we usually recommend performing a floor clean every 6 – 12 months. This cleaning routine helps to ensure that an Epoxy coating doesn’t become discoloured from various spillage and also that chips and scratches are fixed before they start to cause more serious problems.

Regular cleaning is quicker and often cheaper than a larger less frequent clean as grime and spill have less time to impact on the floor coating.

Our team of trained Technicians can perform Epoxy floor cleaning to suit your specific needs, and we can also remove and replace coatings when necessary, including line markings.

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