Epoxy floor coatings are a great option to seal and protect concrete floors in both commercial applications like warehouses and factories, and residential property like the humble garage floor.

While these floor coatings make the job of cleaning up light stains and spills much easier, if you have had an epoxy floor coating installed, and it has become very dirty, it is important to have it properly cleaned to not only remove the dirt build up, but also ensure there is no damage caused to the epoxy finish.

Strong chemical products or abrasive cleaning processes should be avoided when cleaning an epoxy floor, as these will often cause damage to the finish. The use of solvent cleaners, such as acetone, should be avoided as they can soften the epoxy and cause it to lose its bond with the concrete. Hard scrubbing of the surface is also not recommended, as it will usually have the same effect on the finish as sandpaper.

In commercial installations, like factories, chemical and oil-based spills on the floor are very common. When these happen, it is important to act quickly and soak up as much of the spill as possible using rags or kitty litter. This will help to ensure the spilt substance won’t cause any damage to the epoxy coating and keep the finish looking its best.

By regularly performing basic cleaning of your epoxy floor, you can help to preserve the coating for many years. However, if the floor is exposed to heavy use, we recommend periodic epoxy floor deep cleaning that is done using professional equipment. For busy industrial locations, this deep cleaning could be performed as often as every 6 to 12 months, as it will ensure the floor stays free from contaminates that could break down and damage the epoxy finish.

A professional deep clean of an epoxy floor will ensure the coating doesn’t become discoloured from various spilt substances, and this process can also treat scratches and other blemishes before they become worse and begin to lift from the concrete.

Our team of technicians can take care of cleaning and treating your epoxy floors to ensure they stay looking their best and last for many years.

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