As a business owner, your responsibility to provide safety for the customers on your premises does not end once customers pay and walk out the door! Those who provide a carpark have a responsibility to ensure that customers can enter the carpark, park their vehicle, make their way to and from the building from their vehicle and vacate the carpark in a safe manner. Clear, well-placed line markings provide your customers with the necessary guidance for this to occur.

Each state and territory has regulations which stipulate key requirements such as the minimum dimensions of a car parking space, minimum dimensions of car park access ways and the minimum number of car parking spaces that a business in each industry must provide (for example, click here for the car park regulations for Victoria).

When maintaining line markings, another key consideration is careful preparation of the surface before the new lines are painted. The first step is to remove any pre-existing lines. Always insist that this step is taken, as painting over pre-existing lines will result in the paint not adhering to the surface and flaking away after in a short period of time.

Once the line markings are removed, any other surface contaminants that may reduce the paints adhesion such as chewing gum, oil, dirt and moss must be completely extracted from the surface.

Line markings require a special paint that can withstand harsh treatment from heavy vehicles, oil spillage and various weather conditions. In our 40 years’ experience in painting line markings, we have found that Dulux Rubber Chlorinated Paint provides the greatest finish and lasts the longest in these conditions.

The Graffiti Eaters manage the line marking removal and implementation for a retailers, shopping centres, banks and schools throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and most other major cities. Our expert skills in removal of graffiti translate perfectly into the skills and knowledge required to both prepare your carpark surface for new line markings, and ensure that those line markings are visible for the longest possible time. We are well versed with the necessary regulations for the different states, and will ensure that any all council permits are obtained and care is taken to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists during the line marking process.

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