Property Managers that look after body corporate facilities and estates often have a lot on their plate when it comes to maintaining the daily up-keep of properties. So, when you consider all the other aspects involved with such a management position, it is easy to see that staying on top of all the required work can be a tough gig.

When unplanned incidences occur, like graffiti vandalism, it can really create an extra headache that the manager just doesn’t’ need.

For this reason, having a service provider that operates nationally and with one contact point can give you peace of mind and take away a lot of the unwanted stress when urgent jobs arise, like graffiti removal, oil spills or fire damage.

The Graffiti Eaters team is strategically located across Australia and is always available to provide emergency graffiti removal and clean up jobs for body corporate property.

By putting in place an agreement with us, you can rest assured that when an incident occurs, you can have the job taken care of quickly by simply logging it with our team.

We give you exclusive access to our job management portal so you can quickly and easily log jobs and quotes, and track job and invoice status, including the type and locations of coatings applied or paint colours and tint codes used.

Additionally, you can choose to keep in close contact with us through an ongoing maintenance agreement. This is an ideal option for locations that often have high instances of graffiti or clean up jobs.

For a fixed monthly rate, we’ll visit your property whenever graffiti occurs. As a result, this helps you to control your ongoing job costs and hand the risk over to us.

Our team can also perform other surface restoration services such as removal of line markings, paint spills, bill poster removal, oil stains, grease spills and more.

To find out more about our services and agreements, give our customer service team a call.