Unfortunately there are times when graffiti vandalism occurs on surfaces like this painted weather board exterior wall on the side of a restaurant.

This can cause a real problem for such businesses, as it presents a very bad image to customers and can effect visitor numbers to the store if not dealt with quickly and properly.

In this situation, the most efficient and effective way to remove the graffiti tags is to paint over them with a block out paint, followed by re-painting the area with a correctly colour matched top coat.

When this process is completed by trained technicians, the final result should be virtually un-noticeable.

The image of your brand is critical in business!

And in today’s world of instant social media, time is of the essence to ensure brand reputation is maintained.

That is why our technicians are trained and equipped to deal with all situations that arise. They are able to prepare surfaces correctly in situations like this photo and complete the colour matched work all on the one visit to site.

If you find yourself with a similar problem, call our customer support centre and have one of our technicians visit your site for a quick resolution right around Australia.