While we have many specialist cleaning solutions for treating and removing graffiti from a wide range of surfaces, the use of an anti-graffiti coating to protect your property from graffiti vandalism is highly recommended.

This is particularly important if there is a high risk of large areas being vandalised, or you have specially constructed areas like the mural on the wall in the photo.

As this mural had been treated with an anti-graffiti coating, even after it had been completely painted over in a graffiti vandalism attack, we were able to treat and remove all traces of the graffiti paint to again reveal the mural artwork underneath.

In situations like this, if there was no anti-graffiti coating on the original finish, there would have been a high chance that the cleaning process would also damage the mural.

For this reason, it is a great idea to consider the risks to the property in the event of graffiti vandalism.

If there is the likelihood that the cleaning process could also cause damage to the surface or substrate, then the use of a suitable anti-graffiti coating can save a lot money in the long run in both the clean up process and any repairs that may be required as a result.

Our team of technicians are trained in the selection and application of anti-graffiti coatings and surface sealers, so give us a call if you would like to find out more about how to protect your valuable property.